Sustainable Investing

Candriam, a New York Life Investments Company, is an international asset management firm with roughly $125 billion in assets under management. The firm’s 20-year proven track record in sustainable investing and emphasis on education and research lead to the creation of Candriam Academy. The complimentary e-learning platform is dedicated to Environmental, Social, and Governance themes and investing and aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to sustainable investing. The Candriam Academy’s eight modules cover:

  • What is ESG investing?

  • Why are investors adopting ESG?

  • How is ESG implemented?

  • How does ESG relate to financial performance?

  • How do you measure ESG impact?

  • How can investors influence companies themselves?

  • How do you recognize an ESG strategy?

  • How does fiduciary duty relate to ESG?

Values-based investing is on the rise. More and more investors care about the impact behind their dollars and want to invest in companies that align with their values. New York Life Investments’ research shows that nearly 50% of today’s investors are open to ESG. Ultimately, the academy is designed to empower advisors to confidently initiate client conversations about ESG and sustainable investing, giving them the opportunity to deepen relationships and build new business.

To register for Candriam Academy, head here.